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Greenfield attracts the highest quality professionals seeking new challenges in Luxembourg. We operate in a flexible, fast and easy way to ensure that any job offers we suggest will not only match your career ambitions, but will be based in an attractive workplace you would be happy to join.

We work hard to build our own network of the region’s most prized employers so we can quickly suggest interesting and suitable offers as they arise.

Expertise in Specific Recruitment Areas

We focus on understanding the technical and professional demands of the domains we service: Legal and Accounting & Finance. Our deep understanding of these sectors means we understand what you will want to achieve in the next step of your career and won’t suggest you apply for an inappropriate position.

Trusting our confidential approach

Our team can be guaranteed to give both straightforward and completely confidential advice and you can rely on us for total discretion at all times. Greenfield is also a member of the Luxembourg Professional Recruiters Association (LPRA) and pledges to protect personal data, so no personal information will be presented to a potential employer without your consent.

Date Intitulé du poste Lieu Liste
24/03/2017 Secretary ST279 Luxembourg
24/03/2017 HR Officer SW048 Luxembourg
24/03/2017 Senior Marketing Officer ST278 Luxembourg
23/03/2017 Financial Controller ST277 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Cash Manager ST276 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Senior Accountant (German Speaking) ST259 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Senior Fund Accountant in Hedge Fund ST247 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 (Senior) Consolidation Accountant ST242 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Senior Legal Officer ST246 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 (Senior) Accountant ST235 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 (Senior) Fund Accountant in Private Equity ST233 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Controller ST262 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Depositary Oversight Officer (6 months contract) ST267 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Legal Manager ST245 Luxembourg
22/03/2017 Fund Controller (Temporary Contract) NT005 Luxembourg
17/03/2017 Private Banker AB052 Luxembourg
15/03/2017 (Senior) Credit Risk Analyst – Intl. Banking Group CCA021 Luxembourg
15/03/2017 Accountant AB047 Luxembourg
15/03/2017 Assistant Manager (Accounting) AB051 Luxembourg
15/03/2017 Senior Auditor AB046 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 Fund Lawyer (German Speaking) ST262 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 Vice President ST261 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 Italian Speaking (Senior) Accountant DVB14 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 Manager (Transfer Agent) ST272 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 (Junior) Fund Accountant ST273 Luxembourg
13/03/2017 Senior Risk Manager ST270 Luxembourg
09/03/2017 Senior Manager Corporate Services AB056 Luxembourg
07/03/2017 Office Administration Manager NT007 Luxembourg
07/03/2017 Senior Accountant (English/German) AB060 Luxembourg
28/02/2017 AML Officer AB057 Luxembourg
24/02/2017 Treasury Manager SN044 Luxembourg