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Adecco Luxembourg

Adecco has been operating in Luxembourg for over two decades and has a database of over 50,000 candidates. Over the years we have opened specialist branches and provided our clients with recruitment professionals who speak their language. Our sole aim is client satisfaction. In June 2010, we went a step further, becoming the first temporary work agency in Luxembourg to obtain OHSAS 18001 certification.

Adecco has the largest branch network in Luxembourg, covering the entire country and including seven specialist branches (Esch sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, Wiltz and Wasserbillig).

Most of our recruitment consultants are at least bilingual, and are specialists in their fields. Languages commonly spoken include French, English, German and Portuguese.



Adecco provides you with qualified and rigorously selected temporary workers.

Adecco executives:

Whenever you need to hire a highly qualified employee, let Adecco Executives be your partner.

Contract management / Payrolling:

With this service, you transfer the administrative management of the staff you have recruited through Adecco while retaining the advantages of temporary work.


’Temporary to Permanent’ allows you to test an applicant without giving a long-term commitment and with the option of offering them a permanent place in your team at the end of their assignment.

Adecco Students:

Following the new legislation allowing temporary work agencies to draw up student contracts, we have further broadened our range of services and can now look after administrative management for students working in your company.

We can also manage your intern-recruitment needs.


In March 2012, the labour ministry issued authorisation allowing us to offer our applicants permanent employment contracts, and we are now in a position to handle recruitment of junior profiles (up to three years’ experience). Ajilon HR Solutions and Badenoch & Clark can step in if more extensive experience is required.

We can introduce permanent employment contracts for certain temporary workers.

Date Intitulé du poste Lieu Liste
28/07/2015 Technicien test Luxembourg
28/07/2015 electricien industriel/ electrotechnicien Luxembourg
28/07/2015 Comptable Junior Holding/Sociétés (m/f) Luxembourg
27/07/2015 Agent Facturation (h/f) Luxembourg
24/07/2015 cofrend ultrasons niveau 1 ou 2 Luxembourg
24/07/2015 Receptionniste LUX/DE/FR/UK Luxembourg
24/07/2015 plannificateur production Luxembourg
24/07/2015 Agent Back Office Prospectus Fonds (h/f) Luxembourg
24/07/2015 Junior Administrative support for the Fund Tax Team (m/f), Luxembourg
24/07/2015 Réceptionniste (FR/UK) Luxembourg
24/07/2015 Agent Back Office Evénements sur Titres (h/f) Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Pontier sol Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Pontier cabine Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Pontier cariste Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Chauffeur PL Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Employe(e) station service Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Electrotechnicien Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Operateur Technique Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Conducteur de nacelle élévatrice Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Carrossier Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Magasinier Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Responsable carrosserie Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Assistant/e Administratif/ve LUX/FR/PT (DE+) Luxembourg
23/07/2015 Monteur avec permis nacelle cat 3A 3B Luxembourg
22/07/2015 Mécaniciens ajusteur expérimenté Luxembourg
22/07/2015 Technicien HVAC Luxembourg
22/07/2015 Treasury Specialist (m/f) Luxembourg
22/07/2015 Financial & Reporting Accountant (mf/) Luxembourg
22/07/2015 Accounts Payable Specialist (m/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Accountant (m/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Ouvrier sidérurgique polyvalent Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Assistant/e administratif/ve FR/UK (DE/LUX ou NL +) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Financial Administrator (h/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Comptable (H/F) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Controller Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Legal Employee m/f Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Legal and Compliance Officer m/f Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Fund Tax Specialist m/f Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Comptable Bancaire F/M Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Agent Back Office (h/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Transfer Agent (m/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Contrôleur Banque Dépositaire et Compliance (h/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Legal Officer (m/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Legal Officer (m/f) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Trailer Fees & Commissions Specialist (mf/) Luxembourg
21/07/2015 Accounting Specialist (m/f) Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Heizung & Sanitärinstallateure Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Metallbauer/Schlosser Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Elektriker Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Maler Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Comptable Junior Holding/Sociétés (m/f) Luxembourg
20/07/2015 Fund Accountant (m/f) Luxembourg
20/07/2015 AML/KYC Officer (m/f) Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Développeurs JAVA Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Administrative assitant half time Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Comptable OPC (h/f) Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Agents de fabrication H/F Luxembourg
17/07/2015 opérateur frontière allemande H/F Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Operateurs temps partiel Luxembourg
17/07/2015 Préparateurs commandes en alimentaire Luxembourg
16/07/2015 Plaquiste enduiseur Luxembourg
16/07/2015 Cariste caces 1.3.5 Luxembourg
16/07/2015 Assistante de direction FR/ENG Luxembourg
15/07/2015 technicien chimiste en laboratoire Luxembourg
15/07/2015 Des poseurs de plancher technique expérimenté H/F Luxembourg
15/07/2015 Cuisiniers H/F Luxembourg
15/07/2015 Electriciens en bâtiment Luxembourg
15/07/2015 Electricien courant faible (H/F) Luxembourg
15/07/2015 Office manager UK/FR Luxembourg
14/07/2015 op cn Luxembourg
14/07/2015 Mouliste (H/F) Luxembourg
14/07/2015 Mécanicien de maintenance (H/F) Luxembourg
13/07/2015 Conducteur de travaux bilingue français allemand Luxembourg
13/07/2015 HR Assistant Luxembourg
08/07/2015 Opérateur CN Luxembourg
08/07/2015 Tourneur CN Luxembourg
07/07/2015 Fraiseur CN Luxembourg
07/07/2015 Plusieurs manoeuvres H/F Luxembourg
06/07/2015 Secretaire Luxembourg
06/07/2015 Personal executive assistant UK/FR (m/f) Luxembourg
06/07/2015 Assistant/e administratif/ve FR/UK Luxembourg
03/07/2015 Monteure und Hilfsmonteure im Bereich Heizung & Sanitär Luxembourg
02/07/2015 Plasturgiste Luxembourg
01/07/2015 Soudeur TIG INOX Luxembourg
01/07/2015 Tuyauteurs ISO Luxembourg
01/07/2015 Maçons / Coffreurs Luxembourg
01/07/2015 Assembleur au plan expérimenté Luxembourg
01/07/2015 Soudeurs semi Luxembourg
30/06/2015 Shop Manager Luxembourg
30/06/2015 Pontier sol avec caces 3 Luxembourg